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WIP Wednesday

Maple Sky by A Quilting Life Designs

Shortly after buying my first sewing machine, when I was feeling just confident enough to expand my Google searches beyond “what’s a bobbin” and “do feed dogs bite,” I set out to see who else out there had decided to tackle this magically mysterious craft. And lucky for me, I discovered the wonderfully talented Amy Sinibaldi.

Many of you are probably familiar with Amy and her work, but for those who aren’t, do check out her website, Nana Company. It’s filled with irresistible projects you’ll want to make ASAP—because Amy’s style is so sweetly striking. When I first came upon Nana Company, I was instantly drawn to Amy’s overall aesthetic. I loved her use of linen, delicate trims, and embroidery, and the way her unique details elevated a potholder (for example) from something you shove in a drawer to something you display a safe distance from the stove. As a needle-and-thread newbie, I was awestruck and inspired. (And still am!)

Now I follow Amy, and many more maker magicians, on Instagram. I love seeing what others are working on, what fabrics they’re using, and how individual tastes and visions shape projects. You never know when or how someone else’s creativity will strike your own, but it surely will. My own social-media marveling has led to many pattern and fabric purchases I might not have made otherwise!

This in mind, I’m happy to welcome you to Thread and Pen’s WIP Wednesday series. In these weekly posts I’ll share various works-in-progress, including pattern/tutorial sources, fabric picks, and other crafty info. In doing so, I hope what inspires me may inspire you! Just like you all inspire me every day. 🙂

This inaugural WIPW post comes with a weather forecast: it’s currently 85 degrees with about 1000% humidity. And, as often happens this time of year, I’m beginning to dream of sweaters and boots and pretty golden leaves. Don’t get me wrong: I’m cool with summer. I do love my flip flops and sundresses. But there’s just something about fall, with its crisp air and smoky scents and all things pumpkin. And since, despite the Halloween candy already displayed on grocery store shelves, golden leaves won’t start twirling for several more weeks, I thought I’d spend some of these summer dog days on the perfect pre-fall project.


As soon as I saw Maple Sky by Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life Designs, I knew I’d be making it. I loved the mix of large and small leaf blocks, and I especially loved the small-leaf clusters. Their topsy-turviness reminded me of those twirling golden leaves I’m looking forward to! And I thought it’d be a great design to showcase some fun fall fabric.

Now normally, I either have a project in need of fabric, or I have fabric in need of a project. It can take days, weeks, or even months for everything to come together. By that time, I may have found another must-make project (or fabric) that bumps the original, thus continuing a potentially endless cycle. But with this WIP, somehow everything came together at once. I bought the perfect pattern with the perfect fabric the very same day. Because some things are just meant to be!


Just as I knew I’d be making Maple Sky as soon as I saw it, I knew I’d be sewing with Lecien’s Antique Rose line as soon it was released. I’m a floral fabric fanatic as is, and these lovely flowers and deep, warm hues, which I often bypass for lighter, brighter shades, were instant stash essentials. And paired with adorable quilty leaves? Talk about autumnal amour!



So far the pattern’s been great fun to work on. The large leaves come together quickly and do a great job of showing off bigger prints. The smaller leaves stitch up just as fast, but since you need four per block, that rush of square-finishing satisfaction takes a bit longer. But it’s so worth it! I mean, just look at these pretties.


I can’t wait to make more!

If you’d like to bask under your own Maple Sky, visit A Quilting Life HERE.

And stop and smell Lecien’s Vintage Roses HERE.

What’s your Wednesday WIP? What else is on your must-make agenda? And which comes first for you: fabric or project? Please feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to know what’s sparking that creative fire!

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