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Free-Motion Friday


Confession: I’m a free-motion ‘fraidy cat. While I’ve always admired the pretty scrolls and swirls of other quilters’ quilts, and told myself I could (maybe) create such designs too, one day, I kept delaying that day. Despite my yearn to learn, I was forever fearful of ruining a pretty blanket with sub-par stippling. So I never tried.

At least that was the case until a few weeks ago, when I had two quilt tops to finish—and some serious straight-line fatigue. As excited as I was to complete these projects, I couldn’t bring myself to follow another seam or drawn line. So I read many tutorials. Watched several videos. Put on my quilting gloves (which I’d bought in anticipation of eventually clearing this mental obstacle). And took a deep breath…and the free-motion plunge.

Of course, as usually happens with longstanding fears, facing this one was scary to start and a ton of fun in the end. My swirls and squiggles had no rhyme or reason, and that was uncomfortable at first. But the more I moved, the more easily I moved. And in no time I was relishing my newfound free-motion freedom.

That brings us to today’s FMQ-inspired post! Just as there are no hard-and-fast rules to free-motion quilting, there are no such guidelines to Free-Motion Friday. So, this time each week I’ll share a bit about whatever’s striking my fancy. Most posts will be sewing-related, but I’ll also chat about other interests, like books, writing, Long Island’s North Fork, football (go, G-Men!), family, and fur-babies. In doing so I hope you’ll get to know me. And I really hope that, in time, I’ll get to know you, too!

For today’s inaugural FMF post, I had no trouble picking a topic. In fact, I’ve been talking about this Amazing New Discovery to anyone who’ll listen ever since I made said discovery a few months ago. Even though, technically, I didn’t make the discovery. My husband did.

We were at the mall. I was enjoying some early-spring sun on an outdoor bench, and hubby was nosing around Barnes and Noble. He texted to say I should come inside, like, right away, because he found an awesome quilting magazine. That’s right. An awesome quilting magazine. His words, not mine. And you know what? No truer words have ever been spoken.



Quiltfolk IS awesome. It’s also thoughtful, informative, inspiring, and rich, both in content and presentation. The magazine itself is physically striking; it’s printed on thick matte paper and features stunning photography worthy of prominent, permanent coffee-table display. Each ad-free issue focuses on a single state, explores quilting’s influence therein, and shares stories of those residents who have been called to the craft. The young quarterly’s first issue (which I missed, unfortunately!) was devoted to Oregon, the second to Iowa, and the third to Hawaii. Next up is Tennessee, and I’m already counting down the days to its release.


Whenever I see or hold a quilt, my reaction is always twofold. First, I admire the creation for its design and artistry. Then, as I take in the fabric, construction, and stitches, I wonder about the person behind them. When did the artist make this quilt? How long did it take? What did she think about during all those careful, creative hours? What was going on in her life at the time? What was it about this quilt, and quilting in general, that compelled her to commit to needle and thread? What’s her story?

Quilting isn’t just a hobby. It’s a culture. One that spans borders, backgrounds, and generations. And luckily, Quiltfolk’s here to tell us all about it.

(And lucky for my husband, his discovery will probably lead to a Quiltfolk-inspired, cross-country road trip! Buckle up, hubs!)

To read more about this must-read, visit Quiltfolk HERE!


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