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Make-It Monday: Super Star Super Pillow

Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect. –Alan Cohen

Happy Monday! I hope you’re feeling rested and relaxed after a wonderful weekend. And just in case today’s not your favorite, because of early alarms, long to-do lists, and other work-related matters, I thought I’d share the above quote. It might not feel like it when you’re smacking your cell for its pre-dawn wake-up call, but new weeks mean new opportunities, and new opportunities mean new chances to create happiness. And here at T&P…they also mean new chances to create happy home décor!

As mentioned last week, some of my very favorite sewing projects are throw pillows, and that’s for several reasons. They’re both fun and functional. They don’t require much in the way of time or materials. The design possibilities are endless. And nothing else refreshes a room quite as easily or effectively. Which is why I’m very excited to share my second MIM sewing tutorial for…


The 26″ Super Star Super Pillow!

When hubby and I were house-hunting several years ago, our list was quickly shortened to two choices: a 1920s farmhouse and a ten-years-young contemporary. The homes couldn’t have been more different, but both styles appealed to us then—and they continue to now. And I had these aesthetics in mind when creating the Super Star Super Pillow. The classic star block’s totally country, but it’s updated by the quilted pillow’s large size and simple design. And unlike its inspiration, this star skips traditional piecing to better showcase the central print.

Best of all, the Super Star Super Pillow’s equally striking in a variety of fabrics. So whether you lean more country or contemporary, you can play with material and prints to refresh your rooms over and over, season after season. I’m already seeing stars in cozy flannel for fall!

To make your own 26” Super Star Super Pillow, you’ll need:
Canvas/home décor fabric A (for pillow front)
Canvas/home décor fabric B (for star; I used Kaufman Sevenberry Canvas in Natural Dots Small White)
Canvas/home décor fabric C (for pillow back)
Cotton or muslin for front pillow lining
Annie’s Soft and Stable OR quilt batting
Denim sewing needle (I used size 14)
Scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat
26” pillow insert


Cutting Instructions
From Fabric A:
(1) 26” square

From Fabric B:
(1) 22” square

From Fabric C:
(2) 16” x 26” rectangles

From cotton or muslin:
(1) 26” square

From Soft and Stable or batting:
(1) 22” square

A Few Notes
On fabric: I used all canvas (excluding the lining) because I liked the heavier weight. But feel free to use quilting cotton or anything else you prefer!

On quilting: I used Soft and Stable instead of batting because I wanted a puffier, more textured star. Experiment and choose what works best for your particular fabrics!

On stitch length: I used 3.5” for quilting and top stitching, and 2.5” for all other sewing.

On seams: I used ¼” around the star perimeter and ½” everywhere else.

Let’s Start Stitching!

1. Make Star Cutout
a. Find your Fabric A front panel.
b. Draw a star on the wrong side of Fabric A. The star is approximately 18” tall and wide with a 9” x 9” central square. Each star tip extends out 4.5”. To start your diagram, mark the center of your Fabric A panel (13” from all sides) and measure out from that point to mark the square’s edges and star points. Connect all these dots to form your star. Use both a ruler and cutting mat measurements for assistance. (Bonus: You only need to do this one time, ever! Then you’ll have a template to trace for all future Super Star pillows.)
c. Cut star from fabric, set both aside.


2. Quilt Star Square
a. Layer Fabric B on top of the Soft and Stable/batting. Pin or clip to secure.
b. Quilt as desired. (I did 1/2” diagonal lines.)


3. Assemble Pillow Front
a. Place Fabric A, with star cutout, on top of quilted square. Pin.
b. Using a ¼” seam, sew around the star’s raw-edge perimeter. Keep needle down when pivoting at star tips. Be sure to backstitch at start and finish.
c. Carefully cut excess foam/batting from pillow back to reduce bulk.


4. Prepare Back Panels
a. Find your Fabric C rectangles.
b. “Hem” the panels’ top edges. On each panel, fold the top edge down ½” and press. Fold down another ½” and press again.
c. Top stitch ¼” down from pressed edges.


5. Finish Pillow
a. Make a fabric sandwich! Your layers should be as follows: 26” lining square, pillow top right side up, and back panels right sides down. (If you’d like, feel free to baste the lining to the pillow top before layering.) Pin/clip together.
b. Sew around all sides. Keep needle down when pivoting corners. Backstitch at start and finish.
c. Clip corners and trim seams to ¼”.
d. Turn right side out. Press.
e. Insert pillow form.


6. Enjoy your Super Star Super Pillow!


I’d love to see your creations! Feel free to tag me on Instagram (@triciarayburn) and share via #threadandpen!



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