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WIP Wednesday: Moda Bake Shop Quilt-Along

The Swedish Chef broke into my sewing room the other day. He just busted on in. Flung fabric all around. Threw clips and pins every which way. Unraveled countless spools of thread. Created random, haphazard piles, then promptly sent them toppling. Tossed fabric scraps like confetti. And left my precious creative space a complete. And total. Mess.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t the Swedish Chef. The meatball-making Muppet does seem pretty content in his kitchen. Also, with those bushy brows and that low-hanging hat, I’m not sure he could find the exit even if he wanted to. So maybe the sewing-room intruder was actually…me!

I never intend to go Swedish-Chef sloppy, but sometimes, it just happens. I mean, there are just so many ideas to be had and projects to make and fabric to play with! I get so excited to start something new, I don’t always finish my current WIP first. That can lead to an ever-expanding collection of multiple projects in various stages. And despite my best, well-intentioned efforts, that can occasionally lead to a big ol’ mess in my cozy craft nest. As much as I love the Swedish Chef, I really don’t want to emulate his work-space habits.

But there are other chefs I’m behind 100%, and those are the ones in Moda’s Bake Shop! These amazingly talented creative cooks serve up free tutorials in a variety of categories, including quilts, accessories, kids’ items and more. No matter your palate, you’ll find pre-cut-friendly projects you’ll simply HAVE to drop everything else to make. And if you’re trying to be more diligent about finishing one thing before starting another, you’ll especially love a recent Bake Shop concoction: Oda May’s School of Sewing Quilt-Along.


This fun series kicked off Aug. 13, ends Nov. 7, and includes recipes for new quilt blocks every week. When all’s said and done, participants will have a gorgeous 88 ½” x 88 ½” quilt comprised of one-of-a-kind Bake Shop blocks.

quilt along 3


I have to admit, this is a sizable quilt and I’m a wee bit intimidated. But that’s why it’s so nice to be able to pursue the project alongside other quilters! I appreciate the crafty camaraderie and love seeing everyone’s fabric picks and progress as the weeks go on.

As for my own fabric picks, I’d been saving a beautiful bundle of wintry Moda Snowfall wovens for the perfect project, and I decided this was it. I’m excited to see these soft plaids and stripes scattered across a white background!

Moda Snowfall Wovens

So far I’ve finished the Prairie Rose Garden, Tropical Punch, and Applesauce Cross blocks. You can find their recipes HERE and HERE.

quilt along 1



quilt along 2


And besides making new quilty friends and a stunning quilt, there are two more amazing reasons to join the Quilt-Along. First, it concludes in early November, so you have plenty of time to finish the blanket for holiday gifting (or using!). And second, it’s perfect for any occasional Swedish-Chef tendencies. There’s no pressure to finish this before or instead of working on other projects, because it requires only a few blocks a week. That leaves plenty of time for additional sewing pursuits!

That’s what I call a win-win, and what the Swedish Chef calls a bork-bork. 🙂

To join Oda May’s School of Sewing Quilt-Along, visit the Moda Bake Shop HERE!

Happy Quilting!

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