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Free-Motion Friday: Sew4Home

What’s a spring chicken? Is that show Empire still on? What’s the temperature in Honolulu? Can you play Abba? Jimmy Buffett? The Dixie Chicks? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

These are just some of the questions Alexa, Amazon’s answer girl, has been asked since she was gifted to my mother a few months ago. And for the most part, she’s proven to be a sharp little cookie. Personally, while I knew spring chicken referred to youthfulness, I wasn’t sure why. But now I know that a real spring chicken is a young meaty bird. I also know that Empire, Fox’s musical soap drama, is in fact still on, and its new season premieres Sept. 27. Thanks to Mom’s info-friendly BFF, I learned these factoids quickly, easily, and pleasantly, without the exhausting hassle of having to lift my phone from its nearby resting spot.

Admittedly, I don’t have a sensei speaker of my own—but I do have a go-to information source that always answers my biggest, most burning questions. The mini mysteries that no one else, not even Alexa, can answer as helpfully or efficiently. The perplexing puzzles that, if left unanswered, may lead to confusion, frustration, and, worst of all, sewing-machine abandonment. At least temporarily! And that creativity-saving source is:

sew4home logo

What do you need to applique? What’s the best way to insert zippers? What kinds of sewing machine feet are out there? What do they do, how do they work? Which types of interfacing are used for which projects? How do I gather, hand sew, box corners, make pleats, install rivets, cover buttons, and do about a zillion other crafty tasks?

These are just some of the questions I’ve had that Sew4Home has helped answer. Literally anytime I need to know more about a particular sewing technique, I skip Google and go directly to their website. Thanks to their clear explanations, accompanying photos, and impressively expansive breadth of knowledge, I’ve learned, and continue to learn, a ton. For free!

I’ve also made some great projects. Because Sew4Home isn’t simply a visual sewing encyclopedia; it’s a treasure trove of countless tutorials for fab bags, aprons, accessories, table decor, pillows, and much, much more. The team posts a new project every single day, which means you can be newly inspired every single day! Here are just a few items I’ve whipped up:

sew4home duffle bag

Canvas Weekender Duffle

sew4home pouch.jpg

Roomy Zippered Pouch with Darts

sew4home rope beach bag

sew4home beach bag 2

Big Canvas Beach Tote with Rope & Grommet Handles

I mean, rope handles? Grommets? Without Sew4Home, it would’ve taken me forever to even consider attempting such things. But with them, the previously intimidating tasks couldn’t have been easier!

And if all that wasn’t enough, this incredibly talented team is interactive and super responsive. When I hit a small stumbling block while making the Canvas Weekender Duffle, I explained the issue in that post’s comments section. In no time, a Sew4Home team member responded with helpful tips, and shortly after that, my duffle was done—and on a road trip to New Hampshire!

I’ve never asked Alexa where to go for helpful sewing info, because I never had to. And now you don’t either! To have all your biggest, most burning crafty questions answered, visit Sew4Home HERE!

And check out their book, Sew4Home Bags and Totes, HERE!













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