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Anna Graham’s Double-Zip Wallet

At present, I own ten pairs of Havaianas flip-flops. I have them in white, black, red, navy, turquoise, brown, metallic brown, and rose-gold. I also have two pairs of silver, because in that particular color, it’s good to have backup. (A few years ago the straps of a silver pair snapped in a shopping-center parking lot, and it took two whole days for Zappos to deliver a new pair. After forty-eight hours without my favorite shade, I vowed to never take that chance again!)


Havaianas aren’t fancy, but they’re cute, comfortable, and versatile. Between May and September, they’re my most-worn footwear, which is why I have so many pairs. When I love something—like, really love it—and use it a lot, I’ll usually buy more of it.

The same goes for handmade items. When something makes me happy every time I use it, I’ll often make it again in different fabrics. Just like today’s WIP:

anna graham double zip wallet

Anna Graham’s Double-Zip Wallet!

When wandering the web for tote-bag patterns last spring, I came upon the Noodlehead website—and was an instant Anna Graham fan. Her simple yet sophisticated designs, for which she uses a perfect blend of modern fabrics and accents, were exactly what I’d been looking for. Resisting the urge to buy her entire pattern collection in one fell swoop, I downloaded three and went to work!

My first must-make project was the Wool + Wax Tote, as I’d just bought a few yards of waxed canvas that I had to have but wasn’t quite sure what to do with. Anna’s tote was one I’d buy if I saw it in a store (always a good sign of great design!), so I knew I’d found the project my waxed canvas was meant for.

noodlehead wax tote

I was so happy with the patterns I bought from Anna’s website, I purchased her book soon after. Handmade Style offers twenty-three designs in her signature aesthetic, including bags, accessories, clothes, quilted items, home décor, and more. It’s a wonderful range of projects for sewists who enjoy stitching a little bit of everything.

anna graham handmade style

My first project from Handmade Style was the Double-Zip Wallet, which I made with some great gold-flecked cork fabric I’d recently picked up at my local sewing store. The book’s instructions were thorough and easy to follow, and I was thrilled with the finished result. I used the wallet for many months and received many compliments out in the wild.

But gold-flecked cork seems decidedly summer to me, and with fall upon us, I knew it was time to switch it up! I could’ve easily gone back to my regular, pre-Noodlehead, store-bought wallet, but then I thought: why? When I can make another Double-Zip Wallet instead?

So that’s what I just finished doing! I traded cork and quilting cotton for olive-green waxed canvas, cozy flannel, and bronze zippers. This will get me through November, at least, when a wintry version will be in order!


anna graham double zip wallet flannel 2

anna graham wallet flannel 3

anna graham wallet 4

anna graham wallet 5

Soon I may have as many Double-Zip Wallets as I do Havaianas. No complaints there, but if ever I want to spice up my spring-and-summer footwear, I can always try these:

anna graham flip flops

Anna Graham Flip-Flops!

To make your own fancy footwear, check out Handmade Style HERE!

And learn more about Anna and her other awesome designs HERE!



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