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Pumpkins by Cluck Cluck Sew

Not long after joining Instagram, when I was browsing #quilts and admiring the crafty community’s many creations, one in particular kept grabbing my attention.

Cluck Cluck Sew 8

I loved everything about this quilt! I was struck by the pumpkins first and foremost, because I’m a fall super fan and nothing says autumn quite like Mother Nature’s big orange party balloons. I also appreciated the variety of shapes and piecing, and the way the pumpkins popped against a gray background. (I definitely wouldn’t have tried that color combo on my own, but after seeing so many finished examples, it’s tough to imagine one better!) Most of all, I loved how festively fallish the quilts looked displayed across golden leaves, before turning trees, and in front of big red barns surrounded by the season’s signature shades.

I wanted to make Pumpkins. Like, immediately. But there was just one problem: I wasn’t ready. When I first discovered the pattern, I’d been sewing for a few years, but my quilting experience was limited to pillows and table runners. Taking on a project that size was intimidating. So as much as I wanted to dive on in, experience be darned, I didn’t. And over the next several months, I resisted the urge and settled for continuing to admire newly completed Pumpkins on Instagram.

Fast-forward to last weekend. When my favorite season was officially underway, my sewing roster included several full-sized quilts…and the time finally felt right. Excited to bring this long-loved project to life, I whipped out the stack of orange prints I’d been collecting for the special occasion, and got to work.

pump 1

Thanks to great design and clear instructions, these blocks came together quickly and easily. I actually didn’t expect to have the top finished in time for today’s post, but between the wonderful pattern and my excitement-fueled fingers, 25 pumpkins were done in no time!

Cluck Cluck Sew 2

Cluck Cluck Sew 4

Cluck Cluck Sew 3

Cluck Cluck Sew 5

For me, there’s usually a gap between quilt-top completion and full quilt completion. I’m always eager to see all those carefully cut fabric pieces come together, and when they do, I’m always eager to see a new batch of carefully cut fabric pieces come together in another quilt design. This can lead to finished tops hanging on my sewing-room walls for weeks or even months, until I’m finally ready to layer, pin, and quilt. And despite the calendar’s official declaration, it doesn’t feel like fall yet. It was eighty degrees here yesterday, and temperatures should stay in that range for at least the next week. Given my normal practice and the lack of quilt-cuddling weather, it’d be easy to put off Pumpkins’ completion.

Easy, maybe—but not likely! I have two smaller projects to work on this week (one of which will be Monday’s fall-themed tutorial), but as soon as those are done, these Pumpkins are getting pinned. They’re just too cute not to enjoy ASAP!

Cluck Cluck Sew 7

To check out Pumpkins and more fab patterns, visit Cluck Cluck Sew HERE!



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