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Sewing Sidekick

Just a quick post today to introduce you to Murphy, a.k.a. Murph, Murphster, Little Prince, Short Stack, and Tipsy McGee, among other affectionate monikers. He’s a senior shih tzu, our first-born child—and my constant sewing-room companion!

murph pumpkin

Without fail, if I’m playing with fabric, Murph’s keeping me company. Nearly 13 years old and big into naps, he doesn’t necessarily join in at the start of a session, but as soon as he stirs from his latest slumber, he looks for me. Well, actually, first he checks his food dish, then he looks for me. I know his route because my sewing room’s downstairs, so I can hear his paws tap-tap-tapping the hardwood floors overhead!

murph bag

Food or no food, Murph makes his way downstairs eventually, moving slower and less assuredly than he once did, but successfully all the same. He hobbles over to my chair to make sure I’m there (he’s eyesight’s not what it once was either!), then canvases the room, seemingly searching for snacks. He’s never had snacks down there, but where there’s a shih tzu, there’s a will to eat. Endlessly. Like, to the point that you wonder if he’s really a pot-bellied pig, even though he never gains an ounce.

When that search turns up empty, as it always does, he releases a disgruntled huff, then proceeds to his next napping destination. This is rarely the cozy pet bed I keep by my sewing table, because Mr. Particular seems to prefer quilting cotton, fleece, flannel, or any other WIP material that might be on the floor. I once tried to make him abide by a not-on-Mommy’s-pretty-fabric policy, but then I wised (i.e. gave) up. It’s the Little Prince’s world, after all, and we’re merely here to serve!

murph sewing room

That said, once he settles down, he’s content to stay with me for as long as I keep foot to pedal. He’s always had a big attitude for a little dog, and he’s only grown feistier with age. But he’s also always been a big sweetie who only wants to be where you are! And for that, and for all his shih-tzu snuggles, cuteness, and kisses, I’m so very grateful.

murph kiss

Hope you’re enjoying some sweet sewing-room company of your own! Have a wonderful weekend!

murph beach


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