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“Joy” and Pain…

…is like sunshine and rain. So said Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock in their 1988 hit—and those young rappers were onto something! Because sometimes, the emotions just go together. Like peas and carrots. PB&J. Or fabric and my wallet.

I most recently experienced this emotional pairing last Saturday. After a very busy two weeks that didn’t allow for much sewing, I was excited to spend some quality time with my machine. Hubby and I had zero plans besides having a quiet day at home, and I was so looking forward to starting a new quilt. I had the perfect pattern picked out:

christmas quilt“Joy” from Simply Modern Christmas by Cindy Lammon

As well as the perfect fabric:

magic of the season fabric

magic of the season fabric 2

These pretties are from Magic of the Season by Lisa Audit for Wilmington Prints, which I bought months ago after instantly falling in love with the top poinsettia print. I’d been waiting to play with them until I’d finished other projects, and until Christmas was a bit closer. I’d take them out occasionally in the meantime, just to admire their soft shades and lovely watercolor effect, but then I’d carefully fold and replace them on their shelf, where they were to stay until the right time.

And finally, that long-awaited, much-anticipated time arrived. So last Saturday, I poured myself a cup of coffee, plugged in the white twinkly lights strung around my sewing room, and happily got to work. The more fabric I cut, the more excited I became to actually start sewing. I couldn’t wait to see the merry quilt, made with some of my very favorite fabric ever, come together!

And then this happened:


I was cutting strips, as I’ve done countless times, when, somehow and someway, the rotary cutter got away from me—and took a neat little slice of my finger with it. I’d nicked myself before, but as soon as it happened, I knew this was different. Gasping (more in surprise than pain), I dropped the cutter. Snapped my thumb to my finger. And raced upstairs. I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say that our quiet day at home turned into an eventful afternoon at the ER! Where, as I told doctors, the pain of quilt abandonment far exceeded that of my injured finger.

(Side note: ladies, replace those rotary blades! Mine was a bit dulled, so I was pressing harder and more forcefully than usual. I think that’s why the cut was as bad as it was. Lesson learned!)

Of course, one boo-boo wasn’t going to keep me away for long. I couldn’t do anything the rest of the day, because I had to keep the finger pointed upright, but I was back in the sewing room the very next morning. Now, after a few days of occasionally awkward work (thanks to my ginormous bandage wad!), I’m nearly done with all 32 quilt blocks. And they’re even prettier than I imagined they’d be!

magic of the season 2

magic of the season 3

magic of the season 4

magic of the season 5

magic of the season 6

magic of the season 7

Would I have preferred this “Joy” without any pain? Sure. But just as the sun always feels a little warmer after a rainstorm, in a few weeks, when I’m snuggling under the completed quilt by the pretty glow of our Christmas tree, I’m sure my happiness will be even sweeter. 🙂

Happy (and careful!) Sewing!

4 thoughts on ““Joy” and Pain…

  1. What beautiful blocks! I’m glad that the pain didn’t spoil your joyful quilting time. Sorry about your boo-boo; I did the same thing this summer but not quite as extensive as your injury. I was very happy that I didn’t bleed on my fabric. ;o)

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  2. Oh Tricia!! Yes get those dull blades resharpened or put in a sharp new one. One of my friends did something similar to your accident. She too learned a lesdon, it’s not worth it using a dull blade. I am looking forward to seeing your completed quilt. Love your fabric choices.
    Be careful,

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