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Little Things

I consider myself a fairly low-maintenance girl. As such, I’m easy to please and derive happiness from many things in many ways, each and every day. This being the case, I thought it’d be fun to share a few of the little things that made me smile recently, in hopes that one or some of them may do the same for you!

1. Magic of the Season—on sale!
The lovely Christmas fabric I worked this week, Magic of the Season by Wilmington Prints, is on sale today at Missouri Star Quilt Co. Their online store is offering a pack of 10″ squares for $20, which is a $15 savings! If I didn’t already have my favorite prints in abundance, I’d be snatching up a bunch of these. (Who am I kidding? I probably still will!) To jump on the sale, visit Missouri Star Quilt Co. here!

missouri quilt2. Bloomsbury by Franny & Jane for Moda Fabrics
In other fun fabric news, Moda just released the lovely Bloomsbury line by Franny & Jane. I’ve had my eye on this collection for months, and just love its cheery blue, cream, coral, and green color combo. I also love the florals, because, well—flowers. They’re my fabric jam! If they’re yours too, be sure to check out Bloomsbury wherever you build your stash. (I found the line at Fat Quarter Shop!)


3. Lisa the Unicorn by Elizabeth Hartman
Last Christmas I made my oldest niece a pillow featuring one of Elizabeth Hartman’s Lloyd & Lola llamas. It was a big hit, just like all of Elizabeth’s uniquely adorable patterns are—including her just-released latest, Lisa the Unicorn! What little (or big!) girl wouldn’t love cuddling under these magical beauties? You can find the pattern in many online shops, and be sure to take a look at Elizabeth’s other work on Oh Fransson!

lisa the unicorn

4. Maple Sky Mega Fan
Yesterday I finally finished quilting and binding my Maple Sky quilt. About 30 seconds after I happily snipped the last thread, Gus, our cutie Keeshond, decided to take the blanket on a test run. I think he was pleased, and I hope the quilt’s recipient will be too! (To make your own Maple Sky, visit A Quilting Life!)

gus maple sky

5. Raj Sews!
The Big Bang Theory always makes me smile, and last week’s episode was no exception. Especially because one scene featured Raj sewing! The tenderhearted physicist was turning baby-girl clothes into baby-boy clothes for soon-to-be mom of two, Bernadette. It’s always fun to see men behind the machines, even for just a few seconds on TV!

big bang theory raj

6. Echo Lake, North Conway, New Hampshire
When we were on vacation last week, hubby and I took many strolls around lovely Echo Lake. Here’s a shot from one morning meander. It was a gorgeous fall beach day!

Echo Lake

7. Birthday Girl!
My youngest niece, Lena, turns one tomorrow. And talk about happy—this little one never stops smiling! I can’t wait to celebrate her and squeeze those chubby cheeks for the zillionth time!

little things

Wishing you many little things and much happiness! Have a wonderful weekend!

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