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Happy Hoops from Simple Sewing

I love making quilts. I enjoy the entire process, from selecting patterns and fabric, to piecing squares and triangles, to wrapping up those big creative gifts in pretty binding bows. But the process is long! And sometimes I just want to make something fun, fast—and different. That’s why I’m SO happy to have found this:

simple sewing
Simple Sewing Projects by Make It Yourself magazine offers a variety of adorable things to create, including pin cushions, aprons, bags, table runners, home accessories, and children’s and holiday items. Not only are the projects cute and fun, they also utilize both machine sewing and hand sewing, the latter of which I don’t do often and would like to do more. And when I was flipping through the book at the store (the lovely Innisfree Bookshop in Meredith, NH), I quickly found several things I’d love to make…so to the register I went!

Last week I made my first Simple Sewing projects, a trio of embroidery-hoop wall catchalls. They were among the super-sweet eye candies that popped out in the book store, and here’s why:

hoops 1
From Simple Sewing Projects

These hoops are totally adorable and functional, and they also show off your favorite fabric. Since mine were to be a gift for my niece’s first birthday, I chose a few prints leftover from the baby quilt I gave her mommy before she was born.


embroidery hoop 2

embroidery hoop 3

I used embroidery hoops in three sizes, with the largest being 14″, crocheted trim, and 1″ wooden clips. The cute catchalls turned out to be everything I occasionally look for in non-quilting sewing projects—fun, fast, and different—and I was delighted with the results!

embroidery hoops 5

embroidery hoop 4

When giving these to the beautiful birthday girl, I also included several small pictures from her first year. I thought her parents could hang them from the clips now and rotate other photos over time. In addition to pictures, the hoops can also hold/store barrettes, ribbons, and other little-girl accessories for easy access. So cute, and so many uses! I’m actually considering making larger versions with holiday fabric, as they’d be adorable Christmas card holders.

Speaking of Christmas, here’s another Simple Sewing project I’ll be trying soon:

gift tag

When gift tags are so cute they could actually be gifts, they simply must be made!

To check out Simple Sewing Projects—and other fantastic crafty ideas—visit Make It Yourself magazine HERE!

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