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Fall Scrappy Happy Patchwork Tote

As mentioned in my post about Anna Graham’s Double-Zip Wallet a few weeks ago, when I love something—like, really love it—I usually want more of it. This applies to shoes, sweaters, jeans, books, food, post-workout adrenaline highs, and, of course, sewing projects!



The Scrappy Happy Patchwork Tote was my very first Thread and Pen tutorial, and I was so excited to create and share the generously sized, fabric-friendly bag. And the fun went beyond the blog; featuring three pockets and a ton of storage space, the SHPT quickly became my go-to tote for shopping, beach trips, and more. I knew it was handy, but I still couldn’t believe how many sunflower bunches and beach towels it held—with room to spare!

But in soothing shades of pink, gray, and blue, the original version was decidedly summery, so it wasn’t long before I made another for cooler temps. The second version showcases pretty prints in bronze, brown, and gold. I also added leather handles for a different, more polished look.

tote bag tutorial

The tote’s so versatile, I know it’s only a matter of time before I make one for winter. I’m thinking cool blues, grays—and flannel. Lots and lots of flannel!

To sew your own fabulously functional fall bag, visit my Scrappy Happy Patchwork Tote tutorial HERE!

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