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Friday Five

Those who know me well know how much I love fabric and all things sewing. Those who know me really well know how often I check out fabric and other sewing-related goodies online. (Like, multiple times a day, every day.) And while all those people appreciate my appreciation, they don’t necessarily share it. They’ll listen to me blab on about amazing new fabric lines, patterns, or books, of course, but their eyes don’t light up in the same crazy way mine do. And that’s okay! (I admit, it can get a little intense.) 😉

Still, since I can’t help sharing my excitement, I thought I’d take said blabbing to the blog! Every other Friday or so, I’ll compile five of my very favorite, newly discovered, sewing-related items to share. These will include fabric, projects, notions, accessories, and any other fun finds striking my fancy. I always love learning what other sewists are excited about, and many purchases and projects have been made as a result of their sharing. Since excitement’s contagious, I hope these posts will inspire you to catch some of mine!

So without further ado, here are this week’s picks:

Atomic Starburst by Violet Craft
atomic starburst.jpg
When I saw this pattern, I literally gasped. I absolutely love those pointy stars and the design’s magically retro feel. And the bright, happy fabric, Palm Canyon by Violet Craft for Robert Kaufman (releasing in Feb.), perfectly suits the pattern. That said and to be honest, I’m a bit intimidated by this project. It requires paper piecing, which I’ve never done. But for a quilt this gorgeous, I just may have to take the EPP plunge!

Autumn Grace by Verna Mosquera for Free Spirit Fabrics
autumn grace verna mosquera

With temperatures dropping into the 20s tonight, winter’s officially en route. This seasonal switch usually prompts me to swap orange, brown, and gold fall fabrics for happy holiday hues and cooler shades. And for my current WIPs, I’ve pretty much done exactly that. BUT. When I saw Verna Mosquera’s new line, Autumn Grace, featuring stunningly scrumptious florals in brown, tan, green, and pink, I just had to linger in fall a little longer. In fact, I first discovered this collection online last week, and as I type, a gorgeous fat-quarter bundle and bonus border yardage await me in my sewing room. As soon as Christmas sewing’s complete, these lovelies are next in line!

Christmas Cheer by Bonnie Olaveson/Cotton Way
cotton way christmas cheer

Speaking of Christmas, how adorable is this new Cotton Way pattern?? I’m swooning for those sweet stars, hearts, Santa hats, presents, and trees, and though I haven’t bought the pattern yet, I’ve already started doing some pre-purchase stash pilfering. The project’s fat-quarter friendly—and a great opportunity to play with festive fabric scraps. The only question is: will I have time for all those blocks in the next few weeks? A Christmas conundrum!

Aged Muslin by Marcus Fabrics
marcus fabrics muslin.jpg

When hubby and I were coming back from our New Hampshire vacation a few weeks ago, we made a point of swinging by one of my favorite quilt stores: The Quilted Crow in Bolton, MA. This is such a special shop for so many reasons (some of which I’ll share in a future post), and I had such fun nosing around. I went home with several treats, including a fat-quarter bundle of Aged Muslin by Marcus Fabrics. I’d admired this collection online and just loved the fabric’s creased, weathered look, but with so many gorgeous colors, I never knew how to choose—so didn’t. Luckily the Crow made the difficult decision for me! This bundle offers a wonderful range of colors with which to experiment before investing in yardage. Though truth be told, the fabric’s even prettier in person, so I still don’t know how I’d choose!

Cobbled Court Quilt Series by Marie Bostwick

cobbled street quilts single thread.jpg

Earlier this week I finished Book 1 in Marie Bostwick’s Cobbled Court Quilt series, and I’ve already downloaded the next. A Single Thread tells the story of Evelyn, a woman who, in the throes of divorce, leaves her Texas home to start a new life—and open a quilt shop—in Connecticut. With quilting at its core, this well-written novel explores friendship, romance, life’s challenging curve balls, and the unifying thread that ties it, and us, all together. There’s only one thing better than cuddling under a cozy quilt with a good book, and that’s cuddling under a cozy quilt with a great book about quilts—and A Single Thread fits the bill. Learn more about this page-turning series, and Bostwick’s other novels, here!

All for now! Have a wonderful weekend!






2 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Tricia,
    I liked your blog today alot. It’s nice to read what’s up & coming in the quilt world. I enjoy novels related to quilting also. Have a good weekend too!
    A quilting fan,

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