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Quilt Photo Ops—and Flops!

Last weekend, when it looked like I’d be finishing my very first Christmas quilt (the one that started with a trip to the ER!), I told hubby to get ready for a quilty little road trip. I’m constantly blown away by the stunning pictures quilters post online, those that feature their works of art before beautiful barns, beaches, meadows, mountains, and red rocks, so with this quilt, I thought it’d be fun to get some shots out in the wild. The farthest I’d previously gone to photograph my finished quilts was our backyard, so this was definitely a new experience!

As it turned out, it was also a bit of an adventure. With no particular destination in mind, our little road trip turned into a Sunday drive to the very end of Long Island. Which was totally fine, as we always enjoy touring the scenic North Fork. That said, we encountered a few unanticipated challenges along the way. For example, did you know it’s physically impossible to get a good standing quilt shot if you’re 5’8″ and the quilt’s 83″ long? This, of course, seems like common sense—and it is. But silly us didn’t do the math beforehand, and that resulted in some silly shots!

This was just one picture faux pas we encountered as amateur quilt photographers. To share some of our others, and perhaps save you some time on your next quilty little road trip, following is a fun list of:

#1: Don’t forget how tall you are.
As mentioned, no matter how great my arm stretch, I was simply too short to hold up this quilt. Luckily, hubby has a few inches on me, and we also found some inanimate help along the way!

joy quilt cindy lammon

This was our very first photo attempt, at a local Christmas tree farm. The location was perfect for the quilt, but my height? Not so much!

#2: Don’t forget the wind.
It was breezy when we set out, and downright blustery when we hit the beach and other open landscapes. This challenge wasn’t entirely unpleasant, though, as it led to some fun quilt-kite flying!

joy quilt cindy lammon 2.jpg

#3: Don’t forget your mittens!
No picture to accompany this tip—because my fingers were too frozen to take one! Suffice it to say that even on a sunny day, a good wind chill can make the low 30s feel like -30s. Bundle accordingly!

#4: Don’t underestimate the sun.
We knew to account for the light, of course, but it was so sunny last Sunday, the glare on our cell phone screens often made it hard to tell how pictures were turning out. We just kept shooting away, trying different angles and backdrops and hoping for the best. In the process, we got some unusable but rather entertaining shots!


The fence was great, the field lovely—and the light all wrong! From this angle, the quilt’s colors were totally lost. Photo editing helped, but not enough.


Same here.



joy cindy lammon quilt

This one was perfection in my mind, but simply too bright in reality. When you see quilty wrinkles before color or design, something needs adjusting!

hubby shadow

My hubby, the shadow dancer! (But props to the bench prop! That added a perfect amount of height for optimal quilt hang.)

#5: Don’t stop till you get your shot!
It may take many miles and tries, but the perfect shot will come. And when it does, you’ll totally forget that your fingers are numb, your windswept hair resembles a tangled bird’s nest, and you should’ve worn your big-girl boots with the three-inch heels. Because it’ll be so pretty!

joy quilt cindy lammon 3.jpg

No filter needed!

(Quilt pattern is Joy by Cindy Lammon from Simply Modern Christmas. Fabric is Magic of the Season by Wilmington Prints.)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!






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