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Bundle-Up Blanket Scarf

I’m just going to cut to the chase: blanket scarves are the best fashion invention ever. Hats, gloves, ear muffs, boots, heels, ballet flats, belts, watches, jewelry, etc.—they can all dress up an outfit, and some even serve functional purposes. But nothing compares to blanket scarves. I mean, they’re literally portable blankets disguised as attire. I always love snuggling under the covers—and I do mean always, including when writing, reading, watching TV, and, of course sleeping, even in the middle of summer—and these cozy creations make it socially acceptable to do just that anytime, anyplace. Personally, I couldn’t ask an accessory for anything more!

I own a few blanket scarves that I often wear instead of jackets this time of year, when it’s chilly but not quite cold, and since they get so much love, I thought it’d be fun to try making one of my own. Not surprisingly, about as soon as I had that thought, I decided my cozy creation should somehow incorporate quilting. Because a wearable quilt? That shows off a variety of beautiful fabrics while helping you look good and stay warm? Oh, my goodness. Such a thing may be the blanket scarf’s one-and-only rival!

For my Bundle-Up Blanket Scarf, which measures a generous 24″ x 78″, I amped up the cuddle quotient as much as possible by using a ton of flannel, linen, and corduroy accents. The color scheme was built around a cozy collection I’d saved for nearly a year:

primo plaids flannel.jpg

This is the Cool & Calm Primo Plaids Flannel Fat-Quarter Bundle by Marcus Brothers Fabrics. (And good news! Fat Quarter Shop still has a few in stock!) Despite the “cool” designation, I found these blues, beiges, creams, greys, and tans to be oh-so warm, and absolutely perfect for my Bundle-Up Blanket Scarf. I coordinated with some Kaufman Essex Linen, including a few shimmery metallic shades, and broke up the patchwork with winter-white corduroy strips. The back of the scarf is one long stretch of Primo Flannel Small Herringbone in Sand. Overall, I was shooting for a Ralph Lauren-inspired look, and I was very happy with the result!

kaufman linen metallic

Because my chosen fabrics were heavier than quilting cotton, I knew that by adding batting and a flannel back, mine would be thicker than the traditional blanket scarf. For that reason it’d be harder to loop around the neck, and thus more wrap-like. I added the batting anyway, because I really wanted a wearable quilt, but if you’d like a thinner, more malleable scarf, you could always omit the batting and simply quilt the top and back.

To make your own 24″ x 78″ Bundle-Up Blanket Scarf, you’ll need:
A variety of flannel and linen (or any other fabric of your choosing!)
Corduroy for patchwork divider strips
Quilt batting
Backing fabric
Pins and/or clips
Spray baste (optional)
Needle, thread
Rotary cutter/cutting mat/scissors
Seam ripper

On stitch length: When topstitching and quilting throughout this project, I used a 3.5” stitch length. For all other sewing, I used my machine’s standard 2.2”. Adjust as you’d like!

On seams: I used 1/4” unless otherwise specified.

Cutting Instructions
From your assorted flannel and linen fabrics: (160) 3.5″ squares

From corduroy: (5) 3.5″ x 25″

From batting: 29″ x 84″ (plus or minus to your preference)

From backing fabric: (1) 25″ x 79″ (or two 25″ x 39.75″ pieces sewn together with a 1/4″ seam)

Let’s Start Stitching!
1. Make four patchwork blocks. Each block will consist of 5 rows of 8 squares. Sew individual rows first, then sew rows together. Alternate the pressing of seams (left, right, left, etc.) so that seams easily nestle together when joining rows.

2. Attach corduroy strips to patchwork blocks, eventually joining all blocks together.

3. Place scarf top on batting. Pin/spray baste in place. Quilt as desired. (I kept it simple with 1/4″ along all seams.) Trim excess batting.

4. Place backing fabric on top of scarf top, right sides together. Using a 1/2″ seam, sew around the perimeter. Be sure to leave a 5-6″ opening for turning.

5. Trim corners, turn bag right side out, and press. Topstitch 1/4″ around perimeter, closing opening in the process.

6. Bundle up, and enjoy!

blanket scarf

blanket scarf 2

blanket scarf 3

blanket scarf 4



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