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Norway by Thimble Blossoms

When we were little, my mother promised my sister and me that we’d be best friends one day. I thought Mom walked on water and normally believed every word she said, but on that particular topic I found her to be severely misinformed. For one thing, Kristin was six years younger than I was. For another, we fought, like, all the time. (Though this shouldn’t have been news to Mom, as our screaming matches occasionally drove her to eat dinner in the laundry room—and far away from us—with the door closed!) For another, besides genetics and an occasionally shared bedroom, we didn’t have much in common. And the way I saw it back then, with so much going against us, we probably never would.

Silly me. They say mommas know best, and they really do! Because though it took many years and miles, both literally and figuratively, Kristin and I are now super tight. In fact, when we were house-hunting with our husbands a few years ago, we ended up buying homes about a mile and a half apart. And while we weren’t actively trying to live so close to each other, I’m pretty sure the realtors up above pulled a few strings to make sure we did. Because some things are meant to be!

Kristin’s birthday was this week, and because she’s one of my very favorite people, I wanted to give her an extra special gift. And since I know of no gift more special than a quilt made with TLC, I wasted no time in picking out a pattern and fabric!

With her special day falling in December, I was briefly tempted to make a Christmas quilt with festive prints, but I quickly moved on from that idea. I wanted my little sis to enjoy her gift year-round, not just during the holiday season. Still drawn to the seasonal, though, I soon decided on a compromise:

norway thimble blossoms 4

Thanks to those gorgeously ginormous snowflake blocks, Norway by Thimble Blossoms is wintry but not necessarily Christmas-y. I veered further away from the holidays by forgoing festive prints for solid shades of grey, blue, tan, which complement Kristin’s decor, and used neutral pink for an accent fabric. And I opted for linen over cotton for a natural aesthetic I thought my little sis would appreciate.

kaufman linen

These are mostly Kaufman Essex Yarn-Dyed Linens. I especially love the Kaufman Homespun line; each color has white cross threads for an even homier, more rustic appearance. (I’d earmarked these fabrics as soon as they were released several months ago, but refrained from buying until I had the perfect project lined up. Kristin’s quilt was it!) I also used Kaufman Essex Yarn-Dyed Linen in Metallic Fog for the binding, which gave the edges a pretty shimmer. And I was very happy with the result!

norway thimble blossoms

norway thimble blossoms 2.jpg

norway thimble blossoms 3.jpg

Mom hosted a family birthday dinner for my sister last weekend, and I gave her her special gift then. The quilt was very well received, and she later told me that she was hoping I’d make her one! Which, of course, made it a gift both for her and for me. 🙂

Happy Birthday, sis! xoxo

To check out Norway and other great patterns, visit Thimble Blossoms HERE!

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