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Winter Blues Patchwork Pillow

After getting bombarded by the snow bomb cyclone last week, a blizzard that left fourteen inches, bitter wind, and frigid air in its wake, temperatures hovered near zero—and felt much frostier, thanks to that bitter wind’s chill. The snow itself was manageable, as we’ve gotten far more than that many times before, but the cold was something else. My hands went numb after ten minutes of shoveling, my face couldn’t take the sting snow shoeing would bring, and anytime I ventured into the yard, I feared frozen branches snapping from trees and slamming my head. It was so cold, Gus, our snow-loving Keeshond, had no desire to bound through drifts; his poor paws were too pained to venture much farther than the back deck.

This lasted for DAYS.

But I actually didn’t mind! Rather I appreciated Mother Nature’s order to hole up indoors and create. I worked on my new book, cooked, cleaned, put away the last holiday decorations, and made this:

patchwork pillow 6

Those holiday decorations included festive pillow covers, so once they were tucked away, our couch was left with several bare inserts. Remembering that Sew4Home’s extensive project index included many home decor tutorials, I headed on over and found their pretty Patchwork Pillow. I loved the grid design—and the chance to play with eleven different fabrics. (Or twenty-two, if you were to make the pillow double-sided, as they did. I kept it simple with just a patchwork front.)

A few weeks ago I ordered the blue, white, and natural linen prints below from Fabric.com, and though I plan to eventually make something bigger with them, I decided it was okay to snip into the yards for this project. The fabric needed was so minimal, I’m sure I won’t even notice the missing pieces later! I also had a bunch of coordinating Essex linen in my stash, which I used for some of the patchwork rectangles, and made an envelope back with heathered-brown denim twill. And since my insert was larger than the tutorial’s, I added a one-inch border to the grid.

winter blues


patchwork pillow 1

After finishing the top I showed hubby and asked a very important question: Quilt, or no? His quick answer was the latter, as he felt the patchwork itself (which he loved) was busy enough. Sew4Home must feel the same way, because they didn’t quilt their version either!

With one less sewing step, my Winter Blues Patchwork Pillow was done and on the couch in no time…after a quick photo shoot, of course!

patchwork pillow 5

patchwork pillow 3

patchwork pillow 7

Hope your winter blues are staying at bay—unless they look like these!

Have a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “Winter Blues Patchwork Pillow

  1. Winter Blues are so appropriate at this time of year! A nice way to create something for your home. What about a big pillow for Gus or quilted boots for his paws? Mmm that would be cute!
    Keep sewing & creating
    P.S. I loved the two articles you wrote for Quiltfolk. I want to visit that quilt fabric shop. I love shop hops with my fellow quilters from Quilter’s of the Nature Coast in Hernando County, Fl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness, I’d love to see Gus in quilted boots! I bet he’d start a trend! And thank you for your kind Quiltfolk words! The Quilted Crow was WONDERFUL, such a special place. We even made a point of stopping in on our way back from vacation in NH a few months ago! 🙂


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