Just as I love the way stitches and fabric form beautiful works of art, I love the way words and sentences create page-turning stories. Back in the day, I was the kid with her nose in a book at the dinner table, in the car, and under the covers. Small weekly allowances were saved for the school-sponsored Scholastic Book Club and my family’s biannual mall trips, during which I’d snag the latest Baby-Sitters Club installments. Truly, if I wasn’t reading I was sleeping—or standing before the bookcase, trying to decide which title from my treasured personal library to reread next.

This love of words continued in college, where I majored in American Literature, and again in graduate school, where I pursued an MFA in Creative Writing. It was during this program that, on a bit of a whim, I took a course in Reading and Writing Children’s Literature—and thank goodness I did! After years of studying Emerson and Hawthorne and all the literary greats, I fell in love with kids’ books all over again. Only this time, I tried writing them, too. In fact, an assignment for this wonderful, life-changing class eventually led to The Melting of Maggie Bean, my first middle-grade novel with Simon & Schuster.

Since that 2007 release I’ve been lucky enough to publish several ‘tween reads with S&S. I’ve also written for older teens (and some paranormal-loving adults!) via the Siren trilogy. I’m continually awestruck by both the power of words, and, perhaps even more so, by the power of creating with words. Today, if I’m not at my sewing machine I’m on my computer, happily stitching together stories!

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