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Friday Five

Those who know me well know how much I love fabric and all things sewing. Those who know me really well know how often I check out fabric and other sewing-related goodies online. (Like, multiple times a day, every day.) And while all those people appreciate my appreciation, they don't necessarily share it. They'll listen… Continue reading Friday Five

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Turkey Day Delights

And just like that, the holiday season's upon us! Trick-or-treaters have come and gone, seasonal shopping promotions have started, and, as I discovered yesterday, Christmas carolers are crooning away on SiriusXM. (And yes, despite the calendar and thermometer—it was 73 degrees!—I may have sung along to a few merry tunes. Because who can resist "It's… Continue reading Turkey Day Delights

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Beyond the Needle: Tools of the Trade

Last week, I made a life-changing, sewing-related purchase. It's hard to tell from a photo, but this little bowl has magic powers. Wherever stray pins might be—sprinkled across the cutting table, strewn across the sewing desk, embedded in the carpet—this gravity-defying device finds and yanks them into its shiny belly. Some may say its power… Continue reading Beyond the Needle: Tools of the Trade

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Fabric & Fiction: A Sewing-Related Scene!

As an author, I write a lot. On average I’m at the keyboard for seven hours a day, or until I hit ten pages. The words usually come at a steady clip, and when I’m in a particularly good zone, my fingers fight to keep up. But every now and then, they’re just not there.… Continue reading Fabric & Fiction: A Sewing-Related Scene!