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Fabric & Fiction: A Sewing-Related Scene!

As an author, I write a lot. On average I’m at the keyboard for seven hours a day, or until I hit ten pages. The words usually come at a steady clip, and when I’m in a particularly good zone, my fingers fight to keep up. But every now and then, they’re just not there.… Continue reading Fabric & Fiction: A Sewing-Related Scene!

Free-Motion Friday · Quilts

Made with Love: the Next Generation!

Thirty-eight years ago, I was given a very special gift. One that kept me warm when I was a baby, protected me from monsters under the bed a few years after that, and comforted me during those first homesick days of college. Even now, nearly four decades later, this well-loved, well-worn gift keeps on giving.… Continue reading Made with Love: the Next Generation!

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Free-Motion Friday: Sew4Home

What’s a spring chicken? Is that show Empire still on? What’s the temperature in Honolulu? Can you play Abba? Jimmy Buffett? The Dixie Chicks? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? These are just some of the questions Alexa, Amazon’s answer girl, has been asked since she was gifted… Continue reading Free-Motion Friday: Sew4Home