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Pillow Pop & La Fete de Noel—Finally!

Have you ever had cutter's remorse? Perhaps after holding onto a pretty fabric bundle for years, just waiting for the right project to come along, and finally making that first irreversible slice? I was a bit worried I'd experience such a feeling this week, when I finally—finally!—cut into a layer cake I'd bought forever ago.… Continue reading Pillow Pop & La Fete de Noel—Finally!

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Happy Hoops from Simple Sewing

I love making quilts. I enjoy the entire process, from selecting patterns and fabric, to piecing squares and triangles, to wrapping up those big creative gifts in pretty binding bows. But the process is long! And sometimes I just want to make something fun, fast—and different. That's why I'm SO happy to have found this:… Continue reading Happy Hoops from Simple Sewing

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Pumpkins by Cluck Cluck Sew

Not long after joining Instagram, when I was browsing #quilts and admiring the crafty community's many creations, one in particular kept grabbing my attention. I loved everything about this quilt! I was struck by the pumpkins first and foremost, because I'm a fall super fan and nothing says autumn quite like Mother Nature's big orange… Continue reading Pumpkins by Cluck Cluck Sew

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Tinker Toy by Prairie Grass Patterns

Right now I have eight patterns in my quilting queue. Eight! And a few of these have self-imposed deadlines, with two needing to be done by October and two I'd love to have finished for pre-holiday enjoyment. But as excited as I am about these new projects, I've felt a little guilty beginning them. Because… Continue reading Tinker Toy by Prairie Grass Patterns

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Anna Graham’s Double-Zip Wallet

At present, I own ten pairs of Havaianas flip-flops. I have them in white, black, red, navy, turquoise, brown, metallic brown, and rose-gold. I also have two pairs of silver, because in that particular color, it’s good to have backup. (A few years ago the straps of a silver pair snapped in a shopping-center parking… Continue reading Anna Graham’s Double-Zip Wallet

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WIP Wednesday: Moda Bake Shop Quilt-Along

The Swedish Chef broke into my sewing room the other day. He just busted on in. Flung fabric all around. Threw clips and pins every which way. Unraveled countless spools of thread. Created random, haphazard piles, then promptly sent them toppling. Tossed fabric scraps like confetti. And left my precious creative space a complete. And… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Moda Bake Shop Quilt-Along